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prayer_at_night's Journal

I'm over 18!

So, that being said, I'll tell you all a little about myself.
My real name is Sarah, I'm from northern Germany and am studying Civil Engineering (almost done, though, yay me! ;D)

My first fandom is Harry Potter - I fell in love with the books when my grandparents gave me the Philosopher's Stone for my eleventh birthday, and when I grew older, I fell in love a second time when I discovered fanfiction.
My OTP is Snarry, but I'm a complete pairing whore and will read and create almost anything. ;)
Favourite character, unsurprisingly, is Severus Snape. I have a huge weak spot for bottom!Snape sexy times. :3
Pottermore sorted me in Slytherin - proud snake, here! *waves hand*

I never thought another fandom would be able to catch me like that, but then I stumbled over BBC Sherlock and fell head over heels. ^^ I'm way more picky with my pairings there, but I loooove Johnlock and Mystrade.
Also, AUs with different carreers are my guilty pleasure - give me sports!AUs, music!AUs, actor!AUs, throw your worst at me and I'll probably gobble it up with a spoon. ^^

I myself am mostly an artist by now... back in the day I wrote fics, mostly drabbles, but I also started some bigger projects. It seems that my skill set has developed in a different direction, though. By now, writing is at best hard work, and on a bad day impossible, whereas I can draw always and everywhere. :3

So, if you look at my journal, I can promise you will find infrequent posts with fanart, mostly for some Harry Potter centric community. ;)
Also, feel free to friend me if you like, I cherish new friends! :D